Jaysin Voxx is a Billboard Pop Dance Music Artist who gained U.S. radio success with his single "Cause Everytime".

Jaysin Voxx is a powerful singer and songwriter who has fueled a sound that fuses Alternative Pop and Dance with an Urban twist. Jaysin Voxx has charted on Billboard, won multiple Music Video Awards and has collaborated with a growing number of industry heavyweights. Jaysin Voxx likes to travel almost as much as he loves music and finds that seeing the world really inspires and feeds his writing. Edgy, talented, and driven, the Voxx brand stands for bold, playful writing, loud presence, and strong vocals.

Jaysin Voxx is a product of the San Francisco Bay Area Music Machine. Born into a very musical family, Voxx began singing at age 5, performing in school and church and all around the Bay. He perfected his stage presence and command of the microphone working with cover and tribute bands which has given Voxx a unique variety of influences from Chris Brown, to George Michael, to The Temptations. One of Voxx’s favorite Artists is Bruno Mars who is an inspiration as Voxx states “He raised the bar being one of few artists today that actually write their songs.”

As Voxx started getting his name out and winning contests, he got signed from high school by an independent rap label in Oakland. After growing his talent, Voxx met with a rare opportunity to work with Akon's Konvict Muzik, a label responsible for major celebrity music acts like T-Pain, Lady Gaga, and Jason Derulo. Jaysin Voxx's work with Konvict Muzik scored him his first radio play. He then relocated to the Music Mecca of Los Angeles, where Voxx started working with 2-time Grammy Nominated Producer Kenny Smith in Inglewood, California. Voxx and Smith delivered the hit song "Cause Everytime" - a single driven by ultra-Pop Dance beats and stellar vocals. With heavy southern drums meets East Coast production, the shimmery Pop R&B single touts Jaysin Voxx's intuitive songwriting prowess and modern pop sensibilities. "Cause Everytime" gained quickly on Nielsen BDS and landed Jaysin Voxx on the Billboard Top 40 Airplay Chart alongside Zendaya.

Voxx’s next release with Smith is titled “Hands On Me”. Directed by Carlos Hurtado, the Music Video for "Hands On Me” won numerous Awards including Best Artist and Best Music Video at the Los Angeles New Wave Festival, San Pedro International, IndieFEST, and Cinerockom to name a few. Looking for a challenge, Voxx crafted the Deep House / Alternative Pop single, aptly stamped "Deeper". Voxx’s single picked up magazine and blog interviews, building a strong following of fans around the World. Jaysin Voxx now has Millions of views across platforms and rising. In 2020, determined to share positive vibes, Voxx released a Lyric Video for "A Better World", a hopeful and inspirational World Pop anthem which champions the power of positivity. Voxx's passion is to Make Music Matter again. As Voxx affirms, "No one can write your story better than you”.

Internationally, Voxx joined forces in the Philippines with Platinum Producer Keith Martin (Because of You, PolyEast Records). The duo released the haunting “Never Forget (What You’ve Done)”, a Dark Pop downtempo which displays Martin and Voxx’s preeminent talent for creating stunning songs that have evocative staying power. “Never Forget” deals with the persuasive power of anger and revenge.

Jaysin Voxx released his latest album “Departure” under Canadian music label Motive Music. “Departure” is distributed by IDLA and Symphonic Music Distribution and features cosmopolitan single “Destination Girl”, a Dance Pop hit by Jaysin Voxx inspired by his new fans in Bollywood and around the World. The album is blessed by Mixing Engineer Keith Armstrong (Jonas Brothers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Tim McGraw)

This year “Hands On Me” hit #1 on Independent Digital Radio Charts, and Top 50 next to Dua Lipa and Elton John. Future projects include working with industry favorite Creative Music Services and Eric Chun out of Northern California as the Jaysin Voxx star continues rising. Voxx and Chun are creating a very fruitful catalog for placement and to attract multiple Sponsors and Endorsements. Additionally, Voxx is supported by Loki Entertainment and Cheezee Enterprises. The Voxx Team is gearing up to spread the Jaysin Voxx Brand Worldwide and truly make it “A Better World”.



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